Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Have you felt it? Why? I feel like I am going through a mid-life crisis at the ripe ol' age of 27. How is that even possible?

I really have been reflecting on things I miss from my past. Friendships that haven't changed and those that have. Freedoms that I once had that I don't have anymore.

I feel unsettled.

I feel the Lord wants me to do something, not sure what he is guiding me to. I never have felt he has pushed me to do missionary work, but maybe I am just being ignorant to His calling and not wanting to step out of my comfort zone. I really can't place my finger on it.

I have prayed, and I really am confused.

I don't have great patience, I have found that out with my children, I did have really good patience before them though. I used to think I would be an adoptive parent to a Down Syndrome child, but now I am not sure. I still feel maybe a tweak of a pull that way, but I am not sure how great of a parent I would be to them. I have a lot to work out with my parenting skills with my own children.

Persisting Restlessness

I would love to hear any of your thoughts on restlessness/unknown callings.

God Bless,


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