Friday, May 6, 2011

No news, just wasted time.

So here i sit to waste more time. Don't get me wrong I would rather be blogging than organizing the basement or outside in this splendid heat spell we have right now mowing my lawn. I waste so much of my time with meaningless things, and gain hardly a thing from doing so. What I mean by this is mostly my facebook/game time and TV. I have been trying to cut back but not doing well at that. The T.v it can be paused, and that has helped babies want books read to them. Thus, pause button is nessessary. but why whay should it even matter. I was sad we got rid of the TV last year, but you know I really wouldn't mind having it postponed until football season again. Its just wasted time.... my gaming habits are improving. I just get bored of them and have tried hard not to find new games to addict myself with. That being said I still have like 1 hour time spent on facebook revolving around games. Slowly I will be better... I hope.

Switch gears here,
I haven't had any astonishing revelations about my last post. Ehh.. not really. I am scared to even mention my thought of adoption out loud to others because in reality, with what money could my family afford to suit a child like that, or all of the specialists he/she would need. We are not near anyplace like that. That being said I haven't looked too much into my options. Nor have a I discussed this with my hubby. That really should have been my first stop. But I just needed to voice my nerves here, hoping to make the dream more realistic, or have it knocked out of my head completely. I did find two books about living your life to the fullest in my basement when I was cleaning there Wednesday...... Coincidence? I think not. Cracking them open today!

Have two projects that I really am wanting the work on. Adalei's baby quilt (Gasp! She is almost 2 and you don't have it done yet... Nope.), and organizing our old computer desk into a craft/kids art supply /my sewing storage spot. Hopefully some horrific pictures of the before and the after will follow. We shall see. (No promises.)

Its time for Adalei's potty break (me changing her out of her wet undies into clean ones). No matter how many times I take her no pee pee in the potty just on the floor. I think she is not ready. Still trying on my days off.

Welp, Toodles!

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