Monday, May 9, 2011

Hearts desires

I had an amazing Mothers Day. I worked on Sunday, it was a quiet day. One of my co-workers gave 2 roses to each of us working. So, sweet of her. After I got home I was welcomed with hugs and kisses galore, and my fabulous husband made me supper: goobers (cut up and fried breaded stew meat), fried potatoes, creamed corn, and cottage cheese. Yummo!And for dessert he made me brownie pudding! Yum. I couldn't of tasted any better that is unless my Momma had made it! :) I also got two homemade card and two colored pictures from the kids, and chocolates and a Glee CD and the blue-ray of Notebook! We watched the notebook and i cried and then I read and played with my babies and then it was bedtime. Great day!

Friday night I talked to Ryan about my unsure calling. The end result was what I thought it was going to be. Keep praying, our family probably can't logical do that right now, but if God want us to continue with that that he will figure a way for us to be able to do it. I will also mention that prior to telling him I prayed again as to if this is what He wanted. After I talked to Ryan what I may have thought was Him telling me that our next baby would have DS, Ryan said that I maybe am just letting my subconscious fears rule over. I really don't know what is Him and what is me. So anyways, I am still seeking. However, I did tell Ryan to open his mind to a calling. He hesitantly said he would.

So thus, hearts desires or God's desires? That is the question.

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