Thursday, May 12, 2011


Do you Coupon?

I haven't really. Every once in a great while I will remember that I have a coupon wedged in my purse that can be used. After seeing previews of the TLC show Extreme Couponing, I became intrigued. Now these ladies/couples that get all or most of their grocery items for free amaze me. What amazes me more is their stocked room full of items that they have received/purchased for free or next to nothing.

So I am checking into things. Around these part the double/triple coupon thing does not exist/not honored, at least in places that I shop. That being said, I don't shop often. Rarely am I near a store these days. Since I took the job in Callaway, I can honestly say that my visit to a department store is monthly. Ryan, (bless his soul) gets most of our groceries. Walmart is our main grocery provider. We do have a store here in Arnold, but small town grocery stores don't have small prices. I still stop in if I need an item for a recipe/meal that we don't have at home.

I am going to go to Walmart on Friday and am going to try to search a few more deals. Unlike most of the extreme couponers, I probably will only seek out items that we will use and not every great deal available. So I am searching for coupons. Its rather a daunting task. There are so many sites that have them. I love but right now the new computer and old printer aren't friends yet. So I am searching the newspapers, hoping to score some. I also wanted to share the page I have gotten so many good freebies from this site. It rocks! I have gotten many hair care samples, a box full of cleaning supplies, numerous coupons, some food products, and body care samples. A must to check out. If you are on Facebook, like their page and every time they locate a new freebie they have a new status update on it with a link to go right to it. I have also been going directly to store websites and searching for freebies/samples off of there sites. Target and Walmart mostly. I have gotten a few.
I hope to check out Walgreen's now though. N.P. got one about 2 years ago, and I've never stepped foot in it. That might be a good place to try my hand at couponing too, but from what I read from the experts; I should be comfortable with using coupons first and know the rules... and that, my friends, is why I never have done much couponing yet. It makes me nervous and I don't want to be that lady with 50 bazillion coupons flying everywhere with a line of 12 people trying to check out behind her. So, slowly I will ease into this new territory. I'll let you know how my first couponing adventure turns out.

Anyways, I'm going to get back to my searching and hunting for coupons!

Have a splendid day!


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