Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just another day.

Not really much to share right now. I haven't done any shopping... Bummer! I have acquired a little stockpile of coupons, but I want to stack them and the spreadsheets I have looked at confuse me. I hope to make Walgreen's my coupon deal place. I really was all excited to print out the specials I found (took me 45 minutes to apply them to my list), then they deleted themselves.... Ugh! So now I need to try to find a ad, physical not electronic. I am hopeful that this next week I can figure it out. I also haven't figured out the rewards system there. In due time I suppose.

Other news..... Ryan has started putting the siding up on our house. I am getting so excited! It will look so much better! I need to make a before and after pic!

Luke is becoming such a good helpful big brother, he is amazing me! Adalei loves babies. I am a little scared to say this, but I think she will be a good big sister someday. Not NOW! But, someday. Maybe in year we might think about it.

Getting geared up for a busy summer. No definite plans, but I am trying to get fun activities for the kids and I to do, Ryan will be super busy with the siding most of this summer, so I hope it goes fast for him and that he will be able to actually enjoy the summer with us.

Well, I promise to give you the run down on my coupon adventure whenever it does happen. Have a safe and fun Memorial weekend.

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