Friday, January 20, 2012

I may be addicted.

I really doubt it. But I love exercising right now. I feel sad when I don't. And I feel in control of my body with my calorie counting. I definitely feel fuller and better for the most part. The end of work day is my low point. Tired and probably low on calories really gets me. But my good friend FitnessPal on the smart phone shows me how much more I can eat, and my wonderful husband encourages me to work out. Tonight is the first night/day I have not logged any time on our elliptical. I was in North Platte most of the day with Dr.'s appointments and such and didn't make it back home with much time before work.

Adalei had her heart appt. We think everything is okay. It looked alright, the EKG was a little misleading, but the preliminary result of her follow up ECHO was good. I wont have final results until next week sometime. If she is okay, check scheduled for next year, if its not..... We really didn't discuss it because the Dr didn't think it was a true problem. So I went along with it because why borrow trouble? So I will let tomorrow worry about itself, and continue to enjoy my sweet girl. Speaking of that girl we went and got supplies to have a fun nail painting party together. I let her choose 2 colors by herself and then picked out a pack of nail stickers to try too. I can't wait! Should be fun!!

I chipped a tooth on Sunday and had it worked on today. Its a baby tooth. Interesting huh? Also there is no adult tooth hiding under it either. It is a hereditary trait. Fun Fact for your Friday!

I acquired a fun little weight loss bling for my blog, I just hope it doesn't start to mock me later. I really am trying hard and I love reading about new exercises and tips and advice. Wrapping my head around the whole process has really helped to keep me motivated.

Thanks for staying tuned!


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