Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Kicked my BUTT!

I am still wheezing and in pain. But I am happy, high from my workout. I feel so great! It was a BEAUTIFUL January day here. I felt sad about not doing so yesterday. Boy, was I happy that I went today. I feel great and my waist line will thank me as soon as my lungs forgive me.

In other news, Adaleis finger is doing great. She is a trooper, and tolerating the dressing changes better each time!

We might have our siding finished for us, by hiring someone. I am excited about it, but I hope its not to pricey. We will hopefully get the estimate this week.

Nothing else important to share. Alot of friends and co-workers have lost loved ones recently and I just hope to reach out to them and pray that God comforts their pain.

Have a great evening.


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