Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Christmas Letter-like Post.

Well life is speeding along and and I'm just trying to enjoy the ride. A quick update on my family members.

Me: Still loving my job. Have a great "family" I work with. So happy I changed hospitals! God has blessed me numerous times over with this change, and I am forever grateful.
I am starting a New Year's Resolution. Like most I am going to try to lose some weight. I really want to do good at this. I hope I am not setting myself up for failure. I am joining 2 weight loss "programs." The pound plunge, and Healthy Lifestyles Nebraska. Both which do weekly weigh ins, and awards prizes for losses. We also have purchased a elliptical workout machine, which, once it arrives will be a giant eye sore and uncomfortable piece of furniture in out living room. So if you are coming over for a visit, I apologize now, I promise not to make you sit on it though! ;) Currently I have a little cold/throat bug bothering me but that will soon subside with the nice meds I was given to day!

Ryan: He is still working a Weathercraft. He got a new company truck. Its white, so now all the vehicles in front of our home are white. Ryan's, been working on the siding and upstairs bedroom in his free time, which is a rarity with our little ones running around. Cancer stuff is still int eh clear. Hopefully in the next 18 months he will be completely done with it all! PTL!

Luke: My little school boy. He learns new fun things all the time, and (I'm a little biased) he remembers things SO well. He can still tell me what each of his and Adalei's birthdays were (minus his first), what he/she got, what he/she ate for their birthday and who was there. I will say that there are pictures there that might have triggered these memories, but none browsed through in a LONG time. I hope he keeps that capacity to remember things! Its all about letters and number for him right now. Some were a struggle, and in the process of working with Luke Adalei has picked up on a lot of it and actually can count better than her big brother.
Adalei: Speaking of Adalei, my little sweetie is getting so big, she and Luke wear the same size!!! She is just 2 inches shorter than Luke too. My little talker. Right now her brain is moving faster than her mouth can catch up and she has started to stutter a little, but what from what I have researched, she should grow out of it before she is 4, and not to worry about it until then. Adalei's biggest accomplishment is the potty! She is almost completely day potty trained for Mommy (won't go at all for Daddy), and stays dry 1/2 teh time during naps. She wants to be a big girl and "do it self." Adalei has her yearly heart check up right around the corner. I don't foresee any complications arising either. Adalei is a growing weed and her heart seems to beat strong with her!

I hope all my friends and family had a lovely holiday and I will try to share more frequently.


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