Friday, January 27, 2012

Just a pinch will do.

This week has been very eventful. Well, maybe only Monday, but stressful at that. I worked at the Clinic on Monday. I was told I had a phone call on line one... the babysitters voice on the other end with crying in the background, told be something was array. "We have a little emergency." What??? Oh no! Well it turns out Adalei got her finger pinched in the hinge/crack of a drop down table leaf that was raised quickly. However, it wasn't just a pinch. It pinched the tip of her left index finger right off. Yup. You read right. Off. The babysitter was taking her to the Arnold clinic, and I take off to go meet up with them. Well several calls and minutes later, they decided she needs an x-ray and is en route to Callaway. I meet up with them on the road. At first I can't see Adalei in he car and the babysitter holds up a bio hazard/specimen bag with a wad of gauze inside... part of her finger. Talk about freak out mode. A few shuddering breaths, and the babysitters consoling of it not being as serious as it appears, and I compose myself. I walk to the babysitters car and there sits my baby, tear stained cheeks but calm and quiet. Her little hand bandaged all up. She says to me, "I got an owwie." I pick her up and get her all settled in my car and off we go to Callaway. Called Daddy to meet up with us when we got there. Once there they take her right back to x-ray. We removed the bandage and I about lost it. My baby's finger is all cut up! As soon as Adalei noticed I was upset she became upset, so I played it cool. Adalei hated to see it all "blah-bloody" too. But she listened well and held her arm still. Then we coveredit back up and the the whimpers quieted again.

The X-ray.

Thank the Heavenly Father the bone was not broken. However, the tissue that got pinched off could not be reattached and she probably will have a deformity in that finger, but it didn't get all of her nail, so that should grow back too. The team at the Hospital was great. I appreciate all they do! So now, she is on antibiotics and daily dressing changes. Ugh.. Which I hate. I hate being a nurse on my baby. But she does really good. She has a purple band-aid on that finger and gets lots of TLC.

Snuggling with Mommie.

Her band-aid finger peeking out of the blankie.

On to other news:
Just got her heart check up final results, everything is fine. Follow up in a year. Good!

Weight loss is slllllloooooowwwwing down. WAY down. But as long as it is going down I can live with it!! 18 lbs so far. I know I am getting more muscle too. I am able to do more push-ups and crunches. Starting to see more definition in my arms and maybe, maybe a slight line to show me where my abs are supposed to be.

I am hoping to have a fun day at my sisters and mom and dads tonight. So I hope you all have a great day!


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