Friday, July 17, 2009


Well I am having fun getting guesses on when Adalei will be born, her weight, and height. So much fun I thought why not run this over to my blog!!! I am thinking I will even have a prize for the person who guesses the correct day. I decided I need you all to guess a time also, just in case I have more entries than I think I will, and need a tie breaker. If I get a good response I will even do a contest for the closest weight. We will see.

What will be the prize? I haven't quite got that all figured out, but I will do SOMETHING. A gift certificate, or maybe something more....

For those readers that do not have a blogger account just post as anonymous and in your comment leave a way to identify/reach you.

Oh and for a hint. Luke was 7.4 ounces at birth.

So send me your date/time, and even weight/height guess if you want!! I am excited to see what you all are thinking out there! :)

Happy guessing!!!!!!! The contest entry will end Friday July 24th. And the winner will be announced by Adalei..... In her own way. LOL :)

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Patty said...

Adalei will be born Aug9th at
8:39 PM
She will weigh 8" 4 oz
She will be 21 1/2' long
Aunt Patty Loves here also