Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sporting a new do, and a big belly.

I am super excited for tonight. I have a date with my super sweet hubby tonight. We are going to supper then a movie. Most likely we are going to see transformers or hangover. I think probably transformers.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Totally needed it. I am really loving it too. Lots of short layers and it curls really fun now with my old perm in it still. I can't wait to get all dolled up for my date! I will snap a picture, If I remember.

My stomach is getting big! Yesterday at my appointment they measured me at 37 weeks. I'm 35 weeks. Caught up a little in comparison to 35 @ 31 weeks like before, but still bigger than before. I weighed less this time (because I didn't chug a root beer float before I went this time.) ;^) Baby's heart rate was 130. He said her head is down. Hope she will stay there! He is still concerned about the heart stuff, but relieved its a normal sinus rhythm and not any funky beats. Dr. W says that at least we have a background check on it when/if I get a really high heart rate during labor.

I was supposed to have a heart check up yesterday too, but they had to reschedule it. I was peeved. So the nurse practitioner looked at all my results and told me everything looked really pretty good. However, she still wanted me to visit with the doctor about everything. So I go in Wednesday, if they don't change on me again.

Last night I had 2 long episodes of tachycardia. The first was 45 minutes and the second 35 minutes. I was just standing/strolling. I have been documenting them so I can show the doc.

I will try to get some pics later.
Have a great day!

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