Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret party exposed....

Ryan's secret surprise 1 year cancer free party was revealed. By me. Well, on accident. I forgot to look through the mail that I had picked up while I was delivering some invitation. An invite got wedged in between a couple of bills and Ryan found it. I guess that takes some stress off me as to trying to keep it a secret, and figuring out how to get Ryan to the party. So now I have to get all the food preparations made, I actually need to finish mailing out a few invites.
Its this Friday. Any of you blog reader want to join us its at the Arnold Community Center at 700 pm. We will have a simple supper and visiting, and I think I will bring some games, like cards and poker chips, and maybe some board games. Everyone can come. Come join the fun!

Unless, things get hairy around here.... Yesterday at work I terrible back pain and contractions that ranged to about every 20-30minutes apart, I still had my positional contractions too. Those don't count. If they did it would have been more like every 10-15 minutes. I had some during the night also. Today. only a few and far between. I bet if I where to go for a walk that would stir things up. Luke's still asleep and it pouring down rain right now. So that won't happen yet.

We went swimming last night. It was SO much fun!!!! I was so happy to finally go swimming. Ryan held Luke most of the time so I was free to float around and feel virtually weightless. So great!

Oh at my doctors appointment on Thursday, he said the baby's great, come back in a week. He didn't check me or anything. I wonder if I will get checked this week? I have officially seen all the OB Dr's. now, and all of them know about my heart stuff, so I feel better about that. Now when Addie chooses to show up, everyone is in the know. Oh and my heart Dr. stopped me and talked to me at work yesterday. Just checking up on me. I thought that was very kind. My family doctor doesn't even recognize me, let alone ask how I am doing. Well that's about it. Have great day! I will let you all know when the "Splashdown" occurs. (someone asked me that, when the splashdown was going to happen. I thought that was funny term, so I am throwing it out there.)

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Sarah Katherine said...

I will have a longer comment later...but my prediction on the splashdown has been the same for a long time. August 5th, same as Lynn's bday!