Friday, July 3, 2009

Get Organized

I feel the nesting sensation coming on strong. Let's see if it remains with me for the rest of the day. I am planning on dragging out all of Luke's baby things and cleaning needed things up and getting them situated for use. Washing all of the clothes I plan to use-- that means taking most of the tags off of them. (If its not a girl, that wont be good. But it was pretty clear that it is.)Although I still have 6 weeks left I am going to put the diaper changer out in the living room where it will stay until Luke's new room is done. I should of already had it done, but I plan to get my hospital bag packed too. I can not describe this hunger I have to see my baby now. It's driving me crazy. I pulled out the new little sleepers I bought yesterday and held it up to my shoulder like I was holding Addie and patted "her bottom." I think that is one of my favorite things with my babies.

When they are all curled up and their little bottom sticks out a little when they are on your shuolder.
Kissing their cheeks (the ones on their face thats is, being how I was just talking about the other end I felt the need to clarify)
Their sweet, sweet, smell.
Them holding your finger.

Overall I just can't wait to see what she will look like. How much that will change and who she will be. I had a dream last night, that they have a special US machine that will show you the actual color of their eyes and hair. --- Geeze no suprises would be left then, right? Anyways, Addie had red hair like her Daddy, and Blue eyes also. I am beyond excited to find out. I hope that that is the case, Ryan really wants a little girl that looks like her Momma. Blonde hair, brown eyes. I will be happy either way! :)

EEeekkk! I am way excited!

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